Shaina + Alex

Boulder Ridge by Wedgewood Weddings
San Jose, CA

A Scenic Hilltop Wedding at Boulder Ridge: Shaina and Alex's Disney-Inspired Celebration

As a team of committed professionals at JKapture Studios, we were delighted to capture Shaina and Alex's enchanting wedding at Boulder Ridge in San Jose, CA. This lovely couple, who first met during their middle school years, celebrated their special day at a venue with a breathtaking view of the city, providing the perfect setting for their Disney-inspired wedding.

Shaina and Alex's beloved dog, Poe, played a special role in the ceremony as the dog of honor, adding a heartwarming touch to the occasion. The couple's love for Disney was reflected in the details of their wedding, including their rings and earrings, which paid homage to their favorite Disney characters.

The first look between Shaina and Alex was an emotional moment, showcasing the deep connection between the couple and their families. As the ceremony unfolded, the closeness of their families was evident, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere.

As the sun began to set, guests were treated to a stunning view of the city, and the reception that followed was a lively and joyful affair. With music, dancing, and delicious food, the celebration continued into the night, with guests enjoying the fire pits.

As experienced wedding photographers and videographers in the San Jose area, JKapture Studios is dedicated to capturing the unique essence of each couple's special day. For Shanina and Alex's wedding, our skilled team worked tirelessly to document every precious moment, from the heartfelt ceremony to the fun-filled reception, creating a beautiful visual record of their magical Disney-inspired celebration.

If you're planning your own wedding in the San Jose area and are looking for a picturesque hilltop venue with stunning views, consider Boulder Ridge for your special day. And be sure to choose a skilled and experienced photography and videography team like JKapture Studios to capture every cherished moment of your celebration. With our expertise and passion for storytelling, we'll ensure that your wedding day is preserved forever in stunning images and film.



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