Margarita + Jarvis

MacArthur Place
Sonoma, CA

An Intimate Sonoma Wedding at Mac Arthur Place: Margarita, Jarvis, and Wolfred's Special Day

As a team of dedicated professionals at JKapture Studios, we were delighted to provide wedding photography and videography services for Margarita and Jarvis's intimate micro wedding at the beautiful Mac Arthur Place in Sonoma, CA. This charming event, attended by their closest family, friends, and their beloved dog Wolfred, was filled with love and emotion, making it an unforgettable experience for all.

The outdoor ceremony setting was elegantly simple, fostering a warm and intimate atmosphere for the couple and their cherished guests. Margarita and Jarvis's heartfelt vows added a deeply emotional and genuine touch to the occasion, while a talented musician provided a beautiful musical backdrop to the ceremony.

Following the heartfelt exchange of vows, the small gathering enjoyed cocktails and a delectable, intimate dinner, allowing everyone to truly savor the joy and love shared on this special day.

As experienced Sonoma wedding photographers and videographers, we at JKapture Studios know how to capture the unique essence of each couple's special day. For Margarita and Jarvis's micro wedding, our skilled team focused on documenting the genuine emotions, the love between the couple and their guests, and the charming details that made their intimate celebration so memorable.

If you're planning a micro wedding in the Sonoma area and are looking for an experienced and skilled photography and videography team to capture every precious moment of your celebration, look no further than JKapture Studios. We are dedicated to providing top-quality service and creating beautiful, lasting memories for our clients, even in the most intimate of settings.



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