Connie + Brad 

Forest House Lodge // Forest Hill, CA

Connie and Brad's Enchanting Foresthill Wedding: A Falcon, Owls, and Love Take Flight!

Tucked away in the serene beauty of Foresthill, California, Connie and Brad's wedding at Forest House Lodge was nothing short of enchanting. With a stunning natural backdrop and unique touches, this celebration showcased the couple's love for nature, adventure, and each other. Jkapture Studios had the pleasure of capturing every magical moment of their unforgettable day.

A Feathered Ring Bearer

As Connie and Brad exchanged heartfelt vows beneath the trees, a breathtaking surprise took flight. In a unique twist on tradition, Connie arranged for a majestic falcon to serve as their ring bearer. As Brad called for the falcon to bring and fly the rings during the ring exchange, guests were awestruck by the unforgettable display of nature and love intertwined.

An Owl-some Cocktail Hour

The couple's love for nature continued to take center stage during the cocktail hour, as guests were invited to get up close and personal with some magnificent owls. The addition of these beautiful birds created a memorable and enchanting experience for all attendees, perfectly reflecting Connie and Brad's shared passion for the natural world.

A Celebration to Remember

Surrounded by family and friends, Connie and Brad's wedding was an enchanting blend of love, nature, and unforgettable surprises. Each element of their celebration was thoughtfully designed to reflect their unique love story, from the majestic falcon ring bearer to the intimate owl encounters.

Jkapture Studios is honored to have been a part of Connie and Brad's magical Foresthill wedding. We invite you to watch their beautiful wedding film and experience the enchantment of their unforgettable day. To learn more about our wedding videography services, please visit our website or contact us to discuss your special day.



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